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UPS for Marine & Drilling Solution

Marine UPSs are made to face the most stringent industry standards. The double-conversion online topology with a static bypass switch is the choice for marine use. This topology protects against all types of power disturbances that may occur in the supplying network and is the only topology that meets the highest performance class, VFI-SS-111, requirements. All marine UPSs are tested and certified to meet appropriate safety and EMC standards.

Marine UPSs are built into one cabinet that houses all the electronics: the rectifier, the inverter, the static bypass and the micro-processor control.

This configuration allows the entire system to be controlled as one integral device and leads to higher reli-ability when compared to using separate power converters. It also saves plenty of valuable space. The most critical loads may require increased protection. Therefore, all three- phase systems can be connected to a parallel redundant configuration.

In such a system, two or more UPSs are supplying and sharing the same load. Should a failure occur in any of the UPS units, the faulty unit is automatically disconnected from the load and the remaining units continue to supply the load. This redundancy leads to extremely high system- level reliability. System performance monitoring is often crucial for continuous operation. Therefore a versatile combination of remote commu-nication options via serial com-munication ports and potential free contacts are available.



Key Features

Complete UPS in one cabinet (bypass - isolation transformer - distribution - battery)

Very robust installation: wieldable bottom and bolted top

Easy accessibility to major components

Cold Start capability

Large input voltage and frequency tolerance without transfer

Operation from 0 to 50°C and 93% humidity

Battery test against weak battery or open circuit

Vibration clampers



Marine UPS has been approved by systems testing and certifica­tion with Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and RINA.



Over the last 17 years, Tiger Force has worked with top shipping companies and ship builders. Our list of references includes UPS deliveries for a wide range of vessels from cruise liners and ferries to ice breakers; from LNG carriers and cable ships to oil rigs.


UPS for Marine & Drilling Solution

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