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About Tiger Force

In 1997, TIGER FORCE ELECTRONICS LIMITED was founded in Hong Kong. Since then, oil & gas is TIGER FORCE's strongest fortes. We are the design, engineer and build company which focuses mainly to give an Industrial Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Solution for oil and gas field. Over the last decade, TIGER FORCE has experienced consistent growth and become the leader in China as an UPS system integrator and solution provider in this field.

Our Mission

TIGER FORCE aims to become one of the most recognized UPS system integrators and solution providers for oil and gas around the world.

Tiger Force's Presence

TIGER FORCE is an approved UPS vendor for SINOPEC and China National Petroleum Corporation. We have partnered with world's leading EPC contractors, such as SEI, LPEC, CPECC, etc. for many years. Our exposure to world class technologies and the solid relationships with major Distributed Control System (DCS) suppliers namely, Honeywell, Yokogawa and Emerson, enable us to shape our own know-how to perfectly implement our UPS solutions for different customers and DCS applications. We also worked with General Electric (GE), Siemens and ABB, all these prestigious industrial automation companies closely.


Certified ISO 9001 since 2010, in 2016 we obtained ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, proof of our ongoing commitment to improving health and safety in the work place combined with respect for the environment


We established our own R & D team in 2012, with many years of industry experience and cooperation with universities, we have grasped the technology of micro resistance measurement, the development of the battery management system, dedicated battery management system for diesel generator set, UPS Cloud Serving Technology and other products. We developed products with advanced technology, reliable performance, which have achieved CE certification, R & D team has injected vitality for the long-term development of the company.

We cooperate with Hong Kong University of Science & Technology in 2016, give full play to the technological advantages of Hong Kong University Science & Technology, and our advantages of capital and enterprise operation management, set up a joint venture company, TIGER FORCE is committed to contributing to the development of new energy industry, we will build a new energy storage technology research and development center in Guangdong, for the development of new battery technology, the construction of new cathode material for lithium battery production line. Our cooperation has been strong supported by the local government, the joint venture will add impetus to the popularization and application of new energy in China.

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