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Gel Battery - Sonnenschein

With proven reliability in many opertaions worldwide. The Sonnenschein A400 range is a reference for energy storage, The success of A400 batteries comes from the superior dryfit technology, available in a wide range of models to provide a solution for every power need.


Your benefits:

dryfit Gel - VRLA technology

Lowest energy consumption - saving costs

Rugged design - serving in harsh conditions

Proof against deep discharge energy delivery

Entiretly recyclable - low CO2 footprint


Sonnenschein A400 Specifications

Nominal capacity 5.50 - 180 Ah C10

Exceptional energy storage capacity combined with long life

Thick grid plates with high quality lead calcium alloy, for enhanced corrosion resistance and stability

Very low gassing due to the internal gas recombination

Design life: "12 years and longer - Long Life" according to EUROBAT classification

Shelf life up to 2 years at 20C without recharge due to the very low self discharge rate

Designed in accordance with IEC 60896-21/-22

Trouble-free transport of operational blocks, no restrictions for rail, road, sea and air transportation (IATA, DGR, clause A67)

Approval: UL (Underwriter Laboratories)

Manufactured in Europe in our ISO 9001 certified production plants


Battery Energy was established in 1987 and presented its innovative SuperGEL long life plate technology in the mid 1990's. Battery Energy produces a range of 20 year design life Gel batteries using its innovative SuperGEL technology developed in collaboration with the CSIRO. Battery Energy's renowned technology offers for a more robust and lasting battery life than traditional manufacturing one especially in extreme weather conditions, which makes it ideally suited to mission critical and safety applications in solar / RAPS, telecommunications, transport, power generation, military, railway and other applications. Battery Energy also delivers a range of flooded lead acid batteries also with a 20 year design life for applications where flooded batteries are favored to gel batteries, which incorporate the benefits of long life plate technology. In 2004 Battery Energy sourced a supply partnership for a range of premium quality AGM batteries. With strong product performance and life this has been a major success. Battery Energy is 100% Australian owned company and has the financial backing of its shareholders who continue investing in the development of the business .


Battery Energy - EnerGEL, SuperGEL


EnerGEL batteries have been designed using revolutionary SuperGEL long life plate technology specifically for critical standby applications. The EnerGEL battery is designed for low maintenance standby applications where it is kept on a float charge and is ready for instantaneous use whenever there is a mains power system failure.


It is a fact that battery life is generally halved the with every 10C increase in average operating temperature. Battery Energy and CSIRO developed SuperGEL technology which focuses on providing a product with superior life performance. The SuperGEL battery technology is based on unique chemical and molecular characteristics, and differentiated production techniques, compared to regular gel batteries. This is characterised by features such as very low float currents and high operating efficiency.

The superior life characteristics apply to the performance of the battery under varying extreme climatic conditions. The robust construction allows it to withstand both electrical abuse as well as vibration and physical abuse during transport, installation or operation. EnerGEL is typically used to support mission critical applications and services or critical elements of revenue generating technology. EnerGEL will deliver a reliable service with a long operating life based on it's unique blend of physical, structural and chemical characteristics. For this reason EnerGEL is possibly the world's leading standby battery.


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