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Avoid unnecessary exposure to an expensive outage Generator Battery Management System (BMS)

Monitor your auxiliary batteries !

The starting batteries for the generator can be monitored by BMS, including the resistance, temperature, voltage, and the current of charger.

Features and Benefits

24*7 on line monitoring of all batteries and charger status

» Voltage per cell
» Ohmic Value (OV) per cell
» Historical trends per cell
» Alarm setting per cell/string/battery

Auxiliary battery information is incorporated into the monitoring system quickly and easily

Full closure of the power continuity loop with one system

Maximize battery return on investment across the entire enterprise.

Proactive battery management tool

User friendly

Easy to install

Remote Monitoring Options

Once the generator BMS is added to a Cloud Service system, remote monitoring of the auxiliary batteries is performed as with diesel generator set being monitored by the Cloud Service system. The auxiliary battery appears in the software as a standalone battery and all remote functions are accessible.

Charger problems?

Because remote services are monitoring the auxiliary batteries it is possible to detect charger failures much earlier, potentially saving a critical load or star-up situation.

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