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Large Date Center

Commercial UPS in Data Center

A well-built power protection solution, featuring high-quality, highly efficient UPS hardware, can maintain the business applications available, the power costs manageable and the data safe. By familiarizing themselves with the basics of what a UPS does and how to choose the right one for your needs that data center solutions can help to drive long-term success.

Data Center in the oil and gas industry:
Whichever upstream, midstream or downstream in the oil and gas industry, Data Center is the best way to collect the significant data to analysis and graph trends, to predict and prevent problems before it carry out.
The demand for data center in exploration and production of the upstream oil and gas industry mainly including:
Environmental adaptability: exploration area environment complex, including desert, sea area and political turmoil in some harsh environment, how to realize the production automation, unmanned and intelligent management in this case, become the necessary conditions of data center construction;
High density: There is huge demand for data in oil and gas exploration, the instrument can produce up to 1TB data of storage and analysis daily, any data problems may lead to failure of exploration or major economic losses. Huge data processing needs a high performance computer group, how to ensure the accurate data transmission and the normal operation of high performance computer group has become the key to the construction of datacenter.
Regardless of which power supply program, lead-acid batteries are an important part,IBM intelligent battery module are data center reasonable and reliable solution (data center power supply system using lithium batteries has gradually become an option, even if the future of lithium batteries getting more multi-application, IBM battery management technology is also suitable for lithium batteries, IBM intelligent battery module is still a reliable solution). Each IBM intelligent battery module provides up to 240 battery voltage, temperature, internal resistance, and capacity while monitoring HVDC technology.

Modular Data Center

Modular product technology maturation with first application in the Internet industry
The emergence of cloud computing technology, made construction of the data center presents a large-scale, intensive trend. In accordance with the traditional construction model, the construction of a large data center, from the early planning and design to acceptance and delivery operations, the entire construction period needs about 2 years.
The rapid growth of Internet, large data and other industries business customers, rapid IT equipment replacement, shorter business cycle make the original design likely unable to meet business needs. Therefore, Internet companies have adopted modular data center products in new data cente construction,and have gain benifit in construction cycle, energy consumption and life cycle cost.Micro-module retention rate has reached more than 1,100 sets in 2015, Compared to 2014 more than doubled, retention rate close to 2,000 sets in 2016.
Schneider Infineon InfraStruXure ™ Modular Data Center Solution
Infineon has developed tens of thousands of successful applications from China to the rest of the world, covering industries such as telecommunications, finance, IT, government, education, healthcare, media, and business, with scalability and adaptability Data center infrastructure solution that dramatically reduces the time and system complexity from planning design to deployment.
Nice appearance, integrated, and easy-to-manage Infineon solutions make faster, denser, and greener build of leading data centers not so far away, at the same time Infineon's solution provides a strong guarantee for the data center of high reliability and high availability .
Schneider's leading modular UPS system, consisting entirely of hot-swappable modules - power modules, intelligent modules, battery modules and bypass groups. The maximum single capacity of 500KW, support four parallel, ultra-high efficiency (96%), full hot plug design modular intelligent power distribution cabinet can be safe, easy to install, expand; output capacity of 277KW.
 IBM-intelligent battery module in Modular Data Center
IBM-intelligent battery module support battery module on-line expansion, highly matched modular power supply expansion requirements, up to four monitoring channels and multiple sets of monitoring systems in parallel use.


DCS Control System

Large-scale production enterprise industrial control system ICS, including SCADA, DCS, FCS, PLC
The Industrial Control System (ICS) is a generic term for a wide variety of control system types including monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems (DCS), process control systems (FCS), and other control systems such as programmable logic Controller PLC and so on.
The control systems are widely used in industrial, energy, transportation, water conservancy and municipal areas. Key areas include nuclear facilities, steel, nonferrous metals, chemical, petroleum and petrochemical, power, natural gas, advanced manufacturing, water conservancy, environmental protection, railway, urban rail transit , Civil aviation, urban water supply and heating and other areas closely related to the people's life. Based on the development prospects of industrial automation and control, the industrial scale of the industrial automation system was more than 35 billion in 2016.
IBM-intelligent battery module in large oil refining enterprise DCS control center
IBM-intelligent battery module fully complies with the requirements of industrial site complex conditions, support IP65 degree of protection cabinet installation, anti-corrosion coating, low voltage protection and strong and weak, communication isolation.


Oil/Gas Pipeline

Pipeline monitoring - SCADA automation control system
Pipeline data acquisition and monitoring control system SCADA is based on the computer technology production process and scheduling automation system. It can monitor and control the piping process and field equipment to realize data acquisition and processing, equipment control, operation analysis, parameter adjustment and alarm function.
SCADA systems for long-distance pipelines are mainly provided by host / servers located in the control center, remote control terminals (RTUs) or intelligent control devices (LEDs) or programmable logic control (PLC) and high-performance communication systems Constitute a distributed control system. The control center computer through the data transmission system, constantly collecting the operation data and status information of each station, and to these devices to send or adjust the set value of the instructions, in order to achieve the entire long-distance pipeline unified monitoring, control and scheduling management The
At present, the control level of the SCADA system adopted in the long-distance pipeline is usually divided into three levels: control center level, station control level and equipment control level. The structure fully embodies the centralized management, decentralized control of the modern system control principles, especially for long-distance pipeline this decentralized, trans-regional wide, similar functions of the system operation management and control.
Control center station through the server on the whole line of centralized data acquisition, monitoring, control and scheduling management, station control level through the site RTU / LED / PLC controller to achieve the control and monitoring of the oil station, the equipment control level is the pump Units, heating furnace, compressors, valves and other equipment for local control.
SCADA system for the basic functions of the control center functions, site control system functions, system support functions. Whether the long-distance pipeline oil supply starting point, intermediate station and terminal, or long-distance pipeline gas starting point of the gas station, the middle of the gas station and the end of the inflatable station, each station are equipped with UPS power supply system, UPS power supply station , Automatic control, measurement and ESD to provide the source to provide protection, is essential to the important equipment.
IBM-intelligent battery module in the long-distance oil pipeline pump station
Support SCADA system data forwarding, without independent acquisition link demand, through the wireless network to upload information to the control station, including other equipment on-site operation information, and sent to the company's backstage service center to achieve unattended function.


High Speed Railway

The composition of high - speed railway traction power supply system
As the electric locomotive itself without the original motive, need to rely on external power system through the traction power supply device to supply its power, so the electrified railway is powered by electric locomotive and traction power supply system, traction power supply system mainly by the traction substation and catenary two parts Composition, so people also known as electric locomotives, traction substation and catenary for the three major components of electrified railway.
Electric locomotive
Electric locomotive by its top raised pantograph and catenary contact to obtain electricity, the top of the electric locomotive have pantos, by the driver to control its movements; pantograph rise, close to the contact line friction sliding, the introduction of electricity Locomotive, the locomotive main circuit breaker to the main transformer of the locomotive, the main transformer after the buck, the power supply device to supply traction motor, traction motor through the transmission mechanism to electric locomotive operation; trunk electric traction, according to the supply current system is divided into: Locomotive and interchange electric locomotives and multi-stream electric locomotives.
Traction substation
Electric traction for the power transmission system is the power system to the 110kV three-phase alternating current converted to 27.5 (or 55) kV single-phase power, and then single-phase power supply by the feeder line to the contact wire, the voltage change by the traction transformer to complete; The three-phase alternating current of the power system is changed to a single phase, which is achieved by the electrical wiring of the traction transformer. The traction substation is usually equipped with two transformers, which are supplied with dual power supply to improve the reliability of the power supply. Transformer, disguised, to the electric locomotive power supply system.
Traction power supply circuit
It is made up of traction substation, feeder wire, catenary, electric locomotive, rail, ground or return line. There are also zoning kiosks, open and close, autotransformer stations and so on.
IBM-intelligent battery module in high-speed railway
Traction power supply system configuration high-frequency switching power supply, give full play to the advantages of unattended and cloud expert services to support 110V power supply to protect the power supply system in the control system running smoothly.


Telecom Base Station

Mobile telecom base station outdoor integrated switching power supply cabinet is a common communication base station power supply system

With the increasing demand for 3G/4G sites, mobile communication base stations show miniaturization, simplification of outdoor integrated mini cabinet features; mobile communication base station outdoor integrated switching power supply cabinet is an important part of mini cabinet standardization outdoor integrated power The cabinet is divided into two basic functions: the equipment warehouse and the battery compartment, the equipment warehouse can install the communication equipment, the power supply equipment, the wiring equipment (DDF, ODF) and other spare parts, the battery cabinet can install the battery, different cabinet according to the equipment The different independent temperature control.
New mobile communication base station power supply system
- Power supply base station communication system
The mobile base station power supply system is designed according to the power consumption of BTS base station main equipment, and is introduced by city (agricultural), AC power distribution, 48V switching power supply, 48V lead acid battery pack, DC power distribution, DV / DV boost Power supply, air conditioning and other components.
- High Voltage DC Power Supply System
The current distribution time is short and can not meet the requirements of the base station to ensure the power supply time; the ambient temperature has a serious impact on the battery life; the electricity efficiency is low; the high investment cost is high, the investment cost is high, the investment cost is high ; Poor maintainability and other issues. High-voltage DC replacement of AC UPS is an inevitable trend.
- Long life valve sealed sealed battery
High-voltage DC power supply system uses long-life valve-regulated battery. Floating charge using the design life of 12 years, in the field of solar energy design life of 10 years; can be fast charge, 40 minutes can be charged more than 95% of the electricity; good battery consistency, multiple strings can be used in parallel.
- City (agricultural) electric / high pressure DC pull far complementary power supply
- wind power / high voltage DC power supply
- solar / high voltage DC remote power supply
-DC / DC boost technology
IBM-intelligent battery module at the communication base station
- IBM-intelligent battery module fully consider the needs of lightning protection and other support; support for the power system for background management of unattended function requirements; have advanced management of the battery pack.
- IBM-intelligent battery module support the current network communication base station power supply system, but also to meet the distribution base station new power supply system requirements, to achieve energy efficiency, to achieve economic and social benefits of win-win situation.


Express Highway

UPS and backup battery pack in the highway industry, the application of various functions
Toll stations
The load of the toll station is mainly charge PC, signal indicating system, data transmission equipment, etc., with the preservation of charge information and transfer to the higher level of information, vehicle release instructions important function; UPS to small and medium capacity UPS, which in turn single Out, three into a single UPS-based, about 5 ~ 15KVA capacity, a large number, but very scattered.
Billing center network management system
In the billing center data processing (server), monitoring, office automation, etc. need to configure the UPS, involving the collection of various billing information, processing, storage, monitoring of the charges and office automation equipment; Large capacity, about 30 ~ 60KVA, three into the three UPS-based, but also usually run more stand-alone.
Provincial and municipal highway data center
In the data center, the need for the provincial and municipal level data processing center (server), monitoring, office automation configuration UPS device; it is for the entire road system to provide information exchange services and the whole road to monitor its computer and server load Capacity at the level of relatively large, according to the different size of different highway bureau, UPS capacity range roughly 30KVA ~ 120KVA, UPS typical application for three into three, there are single and parallel machine applications, but usually still stand-alone application.
Highway tunnels
Based on the particularity of the application of highway tunnels, the required load of UPS is mainly distributed in emergency lighting, fire and ventilation systems. These systems guarantee the safe operation of vehicles and personnel in highway tunnels. The capacity is mainly large capacity, Capacity range of about 60 ~ 120KVA, the typical application for the three into the three UPS, usually stand-alone applications for more.
IBM-intelligent battery module in the highway toll station and control center room
IBM-intelligent battery module in the highway toll stations, billing centers, tunnels and other power supply system configuration UPS power supply, gives full play to the advantages of unattended and cloud expert services to ensure the smooth operation of the power supply system.


Bank Branches

The future of the bank network of intelligent investment will be more rational to customer experience as the core of the "online and offline" channel integration will become the focus of network function to enhance the network needs of the following three aspects of intelligence:


- Process integration
Standardize and unify the business processes of each channel and cross-channel process interaction
- Process simplification and automation technology innovation
- The application of large data
»Internet technology network customer segmentation
»Cross-selling of bio-application technology
»Multimedia hall management
»New payment technology customer interaction
»Business decision support
IBM-intelligent battery module at financial institution outlets and data centers

IBM-intelligent battery module in the business outlets and data centers and other power supply system configuration UPS power, rack-mounted installation can give full play to the advantages of unattended and cloud expert services to ensure the smooth operation of the power supply system.


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